Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness is a mind-training technic that enables one to be more focused, more effective and more creative. It also proved supportive in reducing stress-inducing mind wandering, enabling one to feel better and happier. 

I deliver mindfulness approach through 

  • Talks: inspiration to take action
  • One-to-one mindfulness consultations and training 
  • Workshops: 2h to 2 full days (mini retreat), covering various applications of mindfulness
  • The full MBSR 8-week course: to help you improve your quality of life in and outside of work, and experience more emotional positivity. It covers mindful meditation techniques, exploration of stress, anxiety and how they operate in our lives, teaching, pair and group discussions, handout and recordings of meditations to practice at home, for sustained results.
  • Tailored program: to fit exactly with your needs and concerns. 
  • Practice and Practicalities: Integrate mindfulness practices and rituals into the day-to-day life of the company and into the development process. 

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