The Balance Dance

We want to be good at our jobs. To excel in our work, to constantly get better. The same hold true for our life. We want to have a rich life full of love and support. It’s a balance game. Do we know how to find balance? With Mindfulness training we can learn to:

Develop Flexibility of Mind: Our mind is our way to experience this world. A flexible mind helps us stay open and creative. It allows us to easily switch between different perspective, understand different needs and address them properly. Exploring the theme of perception, perspective and how it effects our decision making.
Stress and stressing out: Recognising early signs of stress, early signs of burnout. Becoming aware that stress is building up and learning to respond to it wisely, with compassion. Getting closer to our stressors allows us to move from auto reaction to wise response, no matter what the stressor is.
Communication: exploring how we listen and how we interact. Communication as a source of stress, and/or a source of nourishment. 
Performance anxiety: meditation as a tool that help us prep for “big events”, presentations, public speaking or tomorrow stand up meeting.
Nourishing ourselves: do we know how to nourish ourselves? Do we know how to renew our body and mind? Noticing what we take in. 
Staying focus, grounding ourselves: staying grounded and keeping a steady mind when everything around is in constant flux.
The inner critic: strategies to deal with the inner critic.
Leaving work when leaving work:  practical tools to help us transition from work to home mode.  
One spends average of 90,000 hours at work in one’s lifetime. Make it count. 

I Deliver Mindfulness Approach Through


Exploration of mindfulness, wellbeing and related themes. What prevents us from being our best self? Inspiration to take action.


2 hours to 2 full days (mini retreat), covering various aspects and meditation technics of mindfulness


Mindfulness consultations and training.

The full MBSR course

Improve quality of life in and outside of work and learn how to balance stress with this evident based and most researched mindfulness course in the west.

Tailored program

Not sure what you want, what would be the most effective to address your needs and concerns? Contact, let’s explore it together and come up with the right program for your needs.

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